The Mind Numbing Corruption And Perversions In Marin County In California LEGACY 1.4: THE CORRUPTION BOOK How Corruption In Marin County, California works! The “Paris Climate Deal” Had Nothing To Do With The Environment and EVERYTHING to do with Al Gore_s Stock Market Profits THE SCUMBAGS OF GAWKER MEDIA SHOULD BE HUNTED FOR LIFE The Cost Of Using Your Company for Political Manipulation is Fiscal and Brand DEATH! Hillary Clinton_s Mexican Campaign Backers Are Deep In Pizzagate Rapes And Sexual Abuses STUDY SHOWS UNIVISION TO BE SINGLE LARGEST CAUSE OF RAPE IN AMERICA Snopes? Facebook? Breibart? Huffpo? Drudge? Your Mind May Be Getting Raped By a Crazy Billionaire Trump Shuts Down Paris Climate Scam Did Elon Musk Operate His Own Anti-Musk Billboard Campaign To Hide Musk’s Job As An Anti-Trump “Mole”? As Expected, Lithium ion Batteries In Laptop On Jetliner Explode on JetBlue Airbus Full Of People The crimes and corruption of Elon Musk and Tesla Motors 1.2 THE PUBLIC TAKE-DOWNS AND TERMINATIONS AGAINST CORRUPT ENTITIES: US weighs banning laptop computers with lithium ion batteries on all international flights UBER CARS ARE FILLED WITH ANAL JUICES HOW OBAMA HACKED THE U.S. ELECTIONS Perversions In Marin County In California HOW GOOGLE IS RIGGING THE “NET NEUTRALITY” LAWS TO FAVOR OBAMA AND CLINTON Vinod Khosla: The Guy From India Who Took America_s Job_s, America_s Privacy and America_s Public Beaches. Banks have spent trillions of dollars exploiting young women for their vagina’s Insiders Reveal Google_s Scientology Brainwashing Culture Google’s Asshole Founder Is Building A Sky Staining Billionaire Balloon Yacht To Show Off His Money THE CRIMINALS BEHIND IT ALL 4.7 CLEANTECH DEATH-LIST 1.9 At This Point… THE SETH RICH MURDER ELON MUSK SHOWN TO BE A FRAUD IN ALL OF HIS COMPANIES. SPACEX COVER-UP! Google’s Hatred of Women and Blacks Leads To Cover-up By Google! GOOGLE LITIGATION DRAFT NOTES 2017 D LEAKED FACEBOOK FILES REVEAL FACEBOOK IS AN OUT-OF-CONTROL SOCIOPATHIC COMPANY Does Google Have a Liberal Bias? How Mark Zuckerberg And The Silicon Valley Assholes Destroyed The Virtual Reality Industry Are Tesla_s The Gayest Cars On Earth? Yes! Here is Why… Tesla factory workers reveal pain, injury and stress: ‘Everything feels like the future but us’ Proto-fem (r) now offers synthetic biological companions and staff SILICON VALLEY SCUMBAGS Wikileaks publishes documents showing how Google helped Al-Qaeda in Syria Are there really leakers in the White House or did Obama leave deeply hidden bugs in the offices? REVEALED! Hundreds Of George Soros Owned Organizations ELECTION RIGGING Plug Privacy Leaks And Terminate Your Data Rape By Dedicating Your Digital Life To Disinformation 2017 REPORT ON VOTING FRAUD Obama’s Chief Of Staff: Rahm Emmanual Has Turned Chicago Into A Gang Infested Wasteland Never Connect Your Data Or ID to Anything With A QR or Bar Code On It ELON MUSK’S AND TESLA MOTOR’S LITHIUM ION BATTERIES NOW BANNED ON COMMERCIAL AIRPLANES SEEKING LAWYER TO SUE SONY PICTURES2 Sony Pictures VR and Internet Video-On-Demand Technology Thefts: Sony Corporate Says Sony Pictures Los Angeles Screwed Up In A Big Number of Ways A psychological study of Sony_s arrogance Silicon Valley: The Empire Of The C*ock-Holsters; SILICON VALLEY DEMOCRATS HAVE CUT OFF ALL FUNDING TO THE DNC AS CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS AGAINST THEM LOOM The “HIT JOB” they put on Alpha Team FACEBOOK EXECUTIVES COME FORWARD TO CONFIRM FACEBOOK IS A LYING CORRUPT COMPANY Nancy Pelosi Rigged The 2017 Federal Budget To Put Over $16M In Her Covert Stock Market Funds DEAR PRESIDENT TRUMP: PLEASE FIRE GOOGLE’S MICHELLE LEE FROM THE U.S. PATENT OFFICE! Facebook spies on your psychological info and sells it to the CIA and Amazon.Com Flight attendants say air inside planes can be toxic from leaking chemicals and burning lithium ion batteries DNC Lawyers Argue DNC Has Right to Pick Candidates in Back Rooms, in Secret! TESLUBE – The Ultimate Product For Tesla Motors-Caused Anal Sores & Herpes Klaus Grohmann Says Elon Musk is an “Arrogant Asshole” EVERY MEDIA COMPANY, CAMPAIGN FINANCIER AND POLITICIAN HAS ALREADY BEEN HACKED AND THERE IS NO WAY TO STOP NEW HACKERS! You are breaking the law Enough is enough, Silicon Valley must end its elitism and arrogance GOOGLE IS A WEB NAZI: THE SEARCH ENGINE FASCISTS OF THE INTERNET The Federal Ponzi Scam Corruption In The Department Of Energy More taxpayer dollars for corrupt “green energy” insiders? The Obama Administration Is Stonewalling All Corruption Investigations The Movie: “THE CIRCLE” tells the true horrific story of Google and Facebook. The Goal of Putting Elon Musk’s Criminal Crony Corruption Operation Out of Business Has Taken Another Step Forward Tesla Takes American Taxpayer’s Money and Hires Cheap Workers From Mexico and Europe – Spitting In Faces Of Americans GAWKER LAWYERS GOUGE THE FEES 28042017112350DN Characteristics of Silicon Valley VC_s and CEO_s: Google Has Stopped Being Cool GAWKER LAWYERS GOUGE THE FEES 126017391996-rep-2504040334 Class Action Legal Firms Urged To Sue WordPress for Censorship, Fraud For Political Blog Deletions SEX BLACKMAIL AND CORRUPTION AT PACIFICA RADIO Anderson Ex Parte Motion to Withdraw copy MORE GAWKER CASE CONTACTS 126017389232-rep-2404053150 GAWKER GOES AFTER PETER THIEL 126017389463-rep-2404081850 Gawker_s Nick Denton Commits Suicide… HIDDEN TRANSCRIPT FROM GAWKER CASE TO HOT FOR WEB 126017385591-rep-2304052832 GAWKER ATTACKS THIEL M126117386990-rep-2404115804 GAWKER CASE TRANSCRIPTS CENSORED 126017387050-rep-2404120837 Tesla owner asks for $1 million after Model X caught on fire in crash and Falcon Wing doors wouldn_t open GAWKER GOES AFTER PETER THIEL 126017383999-rep-2104035820 BALDAUF VS GAWKER 126017384660-rep-2104070551 It Is Time to Break Up Google! The Silicon Valley Mafia – Update 4.5 How We Killed Silicon Valley Because They Are Corrupt Scumbag Deviant Narcissists MORE GAWKER CASE CONTACTS 126017380746-rep-2004055437 Amazon_s Jeff Bezo_s Funds Domestic Spying Companies. Tesla Motors To Recall 53,000 Tesla_s Globally For Deadly Parking Brake Defect Google is a monopoly — and it’s crushing the internet A group of Silicon Valley and Hollywood monopolists walked into a bar… GAWKER BANKRUPTCY 126017377501-rep-1904045451 GAWKER CASE CONTACTS 126017379230-rep-2004123531 HARDER VS GAWKER 126017379621-rep-2004023634 GAWKER COURT SCAM M126117373789-rep-1804033210 CHARLES HARDER VS GAWKER 126017373826-rep-1804033220 GAWKER GOES AFTER PETER THIEL 126017373958-rep-1804040546 GAWKER BANKRUPTCY FALLS APART 126017374069-rep-1804041650 GAWKER ATTACKS THIEL M126117374152-rep-1804042833 Tesla Sued Over ‘Dangerously Defective_ Car GAWKER BANKRUPTCY 126017370839-rep-1704041101 GAWKER ATTORNIES GOUGE GAWKER 126017371264-rep-1704052755 BALADUR VS GAWKER 126017371368-rep-1704062234 GAWKER BANKRUPTCY 126017373563-rep-1804025834 GAWKER BANKRUPTCY 126017373590-rep-1804025842 GAWKER CHARLES HARDER 126017373767-rep-1804032046 WORDPRESS NEEDS TO BE SUED FOR CENSORSHIP Savage: Trump Won_t Roll Over Like A Dog For Google, Unlike Obama Did REPORT: GOOGLE SPIES ON YOUNG SCHOOL CHILDREN WITH GOOGLE COMPUTERS The Justice Blockade GAWKER MEDIA STAFF HAVE “LIFE-LONG INVESTIGATIONS” ON THEM FOR THEIR ATTACKS AND CORRUPTION! The Horrific Death Of Uber Heralds The Fall Of All Silicon Valley Frat Boy companies GAWKER GETS IT 126017366635-rep-1404052631 GAWKER VICTIM M126117365434-rep-1404121756 SECRET APRIL 18 GAWKER HEARING 126017365447-rep-1404122851 ELON MUSK AND HIS CRONY STOCK MARKET SLUSH-FUND PAYOLA IRS COMES AFTER GAWKER 126017360139-rep-1204051740 LAWYERS GOUGE GAWKER FUNDS 126017362379-rep-1304012137 FIRE INSURANCE VS GAWKER 126017356783-rep-1104073320 DELAURIO VS GAWKER 126017356792-rep-1104073326 GAWKER DELAYS 126017357683-rep-1204110321 100% LEGAL METHODS TO TAKE-DOWN CORRUPT COMPANIES 9.2 GOOGLE EXECS HAVE A LONG SORDID HISTORY WITH PROSTITUTES, MYSTERIOUS DEATHS AND CORRUPTION GAWKER RIGS ELECTIONS 126017342812-rep-0604090732GAWKER MORE GAWKER CONTACTS 126017344487-rep-0704122302 GAWKER SHENANIGANSM126117334215-rep-0404065211 GAWKER STARCOM DISPUTE126017335728-rep-0504103012 IRS COMES AFTER GAWKER 126017335751-rep-0504104115 TECH BOSS CONFESSES: “I PUT DONALD TRUMP IN THE WHITE HOUSE IN ORDER TO WIPE OUT SILICON VALLEY LITHIUM ION BATTERIES MAKE E-CIGS EXPLODE GAWKER BANKRUPTCY DELAY126017329245-rep-0304065136 GAWKER BANKRUPTCY CONTACTS126017327091-rep-0304125622 Latest Tesla Fire Inferno Proves That Any Bump Will Cause Tesla Batteries To Explode My Biggest Fear About Elon Musk ATTACKED 2.1 GAWKER LAWSUIT 126017312289-rep-3003085508 Scott Redmond Says Peter Thiel Is Not Secretly Funding His Anti-Corruption Lawsuits. John Podesta Isn_t So Sure. GAWKER V NY LABOR126017305159-rep-2803050202 TASK FORCE CONTACTS “We Are Going To Audit The Federal Reserve” Jason Chaffetz Shocks Democrats POLITICAL HONEYTRAPS: How women are using their Tinder matches to scam money off men Tesla Worker Files Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Against Company After Numerous Other Sexual and Fraud Actions Filed Against Tesla Motors TESLA AUTOPILOT HITS MORE PEOPLE Why You Shouldn_t Live In California and Especially The Silicon Valley Area Why We Know That Elon Musk Is A Criminal If you care about America then help put these corrupt companies out of business: crowdstrike google attack service Twitter CEO Refuses To Leave Failing Twitter Because All Possible Replacements Will Discover Twitter Files Reveal Election Rigging How Rogue CIA Agents At Google Are Set To Take Out Trump and Alt-Right Media San Mateo County, Jackie Speier and voters want to know why rogue spy agency In-Q-Tel and Vinod Khosla Eric Schmidt_s Rogue CIA Outfit Wants To Rape Your Mind GOOGLE AND FACEBOOK UNDER INVESTIGATION FOR MANIPULATING ELECTIONS FOR OBAMA AND HILLARY REWARD OFFERED For The Arrest And Conviction Of Gawker Media Writers And Character Assassins Help The World Bankrupt Silicon Valley! WHY DONALD TRUMP CAN_T GET A BREAK IN THE MEDIA This government crony payola program saved Tesla at a critical time and Tesla investors traded Obama the White House for car cash! LITHIUM COVER-UP: Headphone lithium ion batteries explode on flight to Australia SILICON VALLEY ASSHOLES: Elon Musk, Larry Page, Vinod Khosla Are “Psychopaths” say SXSW Experts Huma Abedin: Spy TESLA MOTORS CORRUPTION: Why you should NEVER buy a Tesla or anything that Elon Musk Makes! 2017-03-06 CEG to FBI (Arrangement to Pay Steele) SCREWED BY DOE: APTERA ANTI-ALTERNATIVE ENERGY GROUPS AND SILICON VALLEY BILLIONAIRES FROM GOOGLE HAVE DEVELOPED A WAY TO FREEZE YOUR PATENTS Anti-Alternative Vehicle Cartels Use Covert Hostile Take-Overs Federal Agencies Operate “Pay-Back” Campaigns By Stealing Technology Obama-Clinton Push For Transgender & Gay Rights Issues Driven By Gay CEO’s of Silicon Valley and Hollywood DISNEYS TWISTED SEX CULTURE Urban Legend: Based Stick Man. Free-lance Crowd Protector CALIFORNIA CORRUPTION: Ex-California mayor facing corruption charges thinks jail cell is ‘too cold’ THE CLEANTECH CRASH SILICON ASSHOLES: ‘Sexist_ Tech Moguls Under Fire For Attending Exclusive ‘Babes and Balls_ Party ‘Sexist_ Tech Moguls Under Fire For Attending Exclusive ‘Babes and Balls_ Party Another Tesla Model S Caught On Fire At Supercharger Station In Shanghai Univision, owner of Gawker, Gizmodo, wants White People out of America! INVENTOR OF LITHIUM ION BATTERIES REVEALS THAT ALL LITHIUM ION BATTERIES WILL EVENTUALLY EXPLODE THE SILICON SEDITION CIA CREATES SOFTWARE TO CRASH TESLA_S, AIRPLANES AND OTHER THINGS FOR ASSASSINATIONS Elon Musk_s next big crony taxpayer scam: THE HYPERLOOP, is ALL HYPE ObamaGate proven to be true by federal documents Obama Wire-Tapped And Ran Dirty Tricks Campaigns Against Ordinary Americans CORRUPT TESLA MOTORS BEGINS TO DIE! What is a digital WIKI Book? OBAMA-ERA “SLUSH-FUNDS” AT DOT, DOJ, STATE AND DOE WERE “CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES” SAY CONGRESS JW-v.-DOD-Enduring-Freedom-opioids-00276 RUSSIAN MOBSTERS Trump’s advisers push him to purge Obama Google appointees SLUSH-FUND: THE BOOK 1.3 Silicon Valley Billionaire Frat Boys Seek To Grow Artificial Human Sex Slaves In Their Mansion Basements! Organizations Tied To David Brock, John Podesta and Google Tesla AUTOPILOT CAUSES A CRASH , Caught On Camera! GAWKER MEDIA RAN THE HIT JOBS: 126017226787-rep-2802064300 GAWKER MEDIA RAN THE HIT JOBS: 126017226797-rep-2802064304 Vinod Khosla_s Gevo Valentine’s Day Massacre


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