What will Rick Perry do to fix this?

April 7, 2017

Mr. Rick Perry, Secretary of Energy

Mr. Kenneth C. Cestari, Deputy Chief Counsel, Loan Programs Office

United States Department of Energy

1000 Independence Ave. SW

Washington DC 20585


Re: Funding rejection letters dated March 30, 2017
Dear Secretary Perry:

Obama insider Kenneth Cestari is fully aware of the following facts but we wanted to make sure you are up to speed on all of this as you are newly arrived at DOE. The following is all on public record as of now. We know your office from our work with A&M faculty and the Texas gas storage projects. We have no issues with you. We have issues with Kenneth Cestari.

In, and around 2007, members of our group were solicited to participate in an organized crime abuse of the U.S. Department of Energy. We refused to participate. The organized crime activity was undertaken, though. The activity was the use of the U.S. Department of Energy as a political crony payola slush-fund to pay off Obama Administration campaign financiers.

The U.S. Government requested that we participate in the DOE programs and then the other part of the U.S. Government put a life-time hit-job on us because we helped. We were requested to provide testimony for federal and Congressional investigators and for our troubles have now had a life-long set of reprisals, retributions and vendettas and crony interdictions operated against us using taxpayer resources. Does that seem fair?
There are hundreds of thousands of news articles, books, movies and Congressional reports that prove the veracity of our charges and statements. We can provide you with copies of all of them as can the FBI, The GAO, Congress and hundreds of other organizations. It is no longer a secret about what happened.

Mr. Cestari is in full conflict-of-interest to be communicating with us, making decisions about this or having any hand in these activities as reflected by a recent news story, which follows:

The Obama Vendetta, Reprisal and Retribution Pay-Back Administration

By Tony Leveque


This is as much addressed to the newly minted Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry as it is to the American voters.

Donald Trump and the 2017 Congress have learned the truth about Obama’s insane need for payback via the goons he hired to put hit-jobs, character assassinations and momentum-sabotage on any person, reporter, or policy that conflicted with his Silicon Valley handlers.

Take one Mr. Kenneth Cestari, Obama’s insider at the scandal-ridden U.S. Department of Energy, “officially” with DOE since August of 2009. As he migrated into the Obama insiders club he was still working with the law firm Dickstein Shapiro LLP, who help conduit Sony Pictures money to Obama and tried get get pedophile Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert as a lobbyist shortly after he resigned his seat in Congress. Hastert was later indicted in May 2015 on charges of illegally withdrawing money from banks to pay hush money to an individual that he committed misconduct against years ago. Hastert resigned from his lobbyist position the day the indictment was unsealed. Hastert’s biography was quickly removed from the firm’s website, and the firm also purged all mentions of Hastert from its previously posted press releases.[9] Hastert’s resignation from Dickstein Shapiro following the indictment against him, left the law firm and lobbying firm “reeling,” according to news reports.[9] The firm’s lobbying business had already been struggling; it was reported that the firm had billed $130,000 on behalf of eight clients for the first quarter of 2015, “not close to being on track for its overall 2014 billings, when it brought in $3.7 million for the year.”[9] In the few years preceding the indictment, Dickstein Shapiro had already “faced an exodus of … talent” to rival firms Greenberg Traurig and Cozen O’Connor, as well as “the loss of major client contracts” including Lorillard Tobacco Co., Peabody Energy Corp., Bayer Corp., and Covanta Energy Corp.[9] Following the Hastert indictment, it was reported that Dickstein Shapiro’s biggest domestic client, Fuels America, terminated its lobbying contract with the firm.[9] Shockingly, Trump-hating Ken Cestari remains at his post even as Trump sits in the Oval Office.

Cestari’s job is to avoid any actual human contact or conversation with the public or Congress. Cestari files papers. He files papers that are intimately calculated to manipulate the legal system to Obama’s advantage and to the voters disadvantage. Even though Obama is out of the White House, Cestari is still one of the hit men that tries to find legal tricks which can cause as much damage to Trump (or pretty much anyone) that the departed, but aggressively vindictive, Obama fingers in attacks from his red brick DC mansion where he now delegates payback.

Cestari ran cover for the Solyndra scam, Steven Chu’s scandals, and the huge number of other historically disastrous Obama campaign financier payouts that led to instant bankruptcies, yet epic covert profits, via skims and tax frauds, for those financiers and their schemes.

In one case, a group of Applicants had joined forces to address the stated needs of America’s energy, jobs and security requirements through Department of Energy solicitations.

A Cartel of Department of Energy and White House officials have recently stated that The Department of Energy was being used by the Obama Administration as a “political slush-fund to pay off campaign financiers while sabotaging their competitors…”. Cestari seems to be in the middle of that!

A large number of Applicants were the competitors who were sabotaged by Obama Administration officials including Cestari’s group.

A group of Department of Energy and White House officials have recently stated that The Department of Energy had been ordered to “…never allow those specific applicants to ever receive a drop of funding for the rest of their lives…” as part of the vendetta, reprisal and retribution campaign illegally ordered by Department of Energy and White House officials from the Obama Administration.

Applicants mailed by Ken Cestari include those “specific applicants”. Applicants have submitted over 2 million pages of application material in the current and previous applications, all of which were covered in national media, FBI investigations and Congressional hearings, thus, it is impossible for Ken Cestari to not be aware that Applicants have, in fact, submitted ten times more application data than Tesla Motors. This is a fact proven in a side-by-side comparison of Tesla Motors’ actual application and applicants full sets of materials.

Ken Cestari is fully aware that Applicants are able to prove all of their assertions before a federal Special Counsel in public hearings. He knows what type of corruption-based crimes he is covering up. The current hearings and investigations, already underway, prove that the Obama Administration abused the resources of the intelligence community, DOJ and Agency resources. Obama and his hordes did this in order to operate vendetta, reprisal and retribution campaigns they illegally ordered.

At no point did any DOE officials credibly, nor sincerely, communicate with Applicants to clarify the questions posed by Applicants. Cestari and his team actually avoid talking to any Applicants who are not campaign financiers. In fact, a side-by-side comparison of IC phone logs and meeting logs shows that Applicants received over 200% less interactive support than campaign financier Tesla Motors received. Cestari and his Department of Energy Freedom Of Information staff have refused to allow the public to see Tesla’s original, UN-doctored application. They have violated the FOIA laws by refusing to show it to the public and the media. They won’t allow it to see the light of day because it reveals crimes by Cestari’s compatriots.

Upon presentation of the fact that DOE intends to “…never allow those specific applicants to ever receive a drop of funding for the rest of their lives…” and with the positive progression of multiple lawsuits and investigations proving the above facts, Applicants were advised to stand by while the new Administration reviews the facts and the elements for a Special Prosecutor to work with Applicants.

Thus, the DOE responses produced and delivered by Ken Cestari are illegal, unethical, and a gross violation of the precepts of fairness governing the voters and citizens of the United States Of America. Mr. Cestari is knowingly participating in a felony-class cover up of a “slush-fund” and the vendetta, reprisal and retribution campaign against Applicants and all those who cooperated with law enforcement to interdict those crimes.

Cestari should be fired from the U.S. Department of Energy. America has no room for Obama’s left-over retribution goons. Trump has been hacked by Obama’s team and harassed with Obama’s Russian insiders led by Obama’s DNC goons.

There are hundreds of Obama saboteur/hold-overs still in Washington DC, who are still out to destroy any progress by small business or modern innovations that Obama’s financiers say must be killed off. They have already been caught trying to ruin President Trump’s efforts from within spy agencies and internet companies

Cestari and his progress-killing brood must be rooted out and sent packing. Instead of a promotion, Cestari needs a Jeff Sessions indictment!”

Mr. Perry, this is just one of tens of thousands of documents about the crimes that the Obama Administration engaged in using the Department of Energy and other forums. There are more documents assembled in the book “SLUSH-FUND” (http://www.slush-fund.com) and on multi terrabyte hard drives which can be delivered to your desk by multiple members of Congress. The facts are indisputable. The Obama Administration Department of Energy was operating a felony-class organized crime slush fund and they put a permanent hit-job on us using their Gawker Media, Media Matters, Google and Department of Energy insiders.

DOE never requested the latest $50,000.00 DOE application fee from us in any documented form that we could show to our bank or investors in order to draw the funds. DOE has spent the entire time since 2007 running an “infinity tunnel scam” on our applications. As Bright Automotive, ZAP Motors, Aptera Motors, our Team and hundreds of other non-campaign financier insiders discovered: DOE staff have been ordered to always say that ANY application from any non PRE-RIGGED applicant, who is not a big campaign financier, is “never complete”. This is a Washington DC agency scam called the “infinity tunnel scam”. DOE staff are using it to make sure that none of use ever get funded as part of the reprisal program. There is no amount of paper-work we can submit that will ever get past the current DOE “infinity tunnel” blockade.

As you know, DOE has illegally refused to deliver our Team’s FOIA request from 2009 for Tesla Motors complete actual application. We have seen that application and members of Congress have a complete copy of it. We know there is an original copy and a “modified copy”. We FOIA’d the original version. It proves crony corruption, stock market crimes, FTC violations and more but it shows that Tesla, our competitor, was handed their cash, with massively less paperwork than us. Tesla and DOE staff at the time knew that Tesla’s technology was toxic, self-explosive, a threat to national security and that our technology beat it by a mile…and still does. We are being punished by DOE because our technology is better than that of corrupt campaign financiers and because we assisted in the investigation of crimes at DOE? Our peer, Walter Tamosaitis, received a $4.1 million reward for reporting DOE corruption and mismanagement. Where is our reward, aside from our funding? DOE defrauded us into spending over $15M of our resources based on the assertion that we were getting a fair review. The review was rigged, it was a fraud and it was hard-wired in advance to pay-off crony campaign financiers.

As you know, one must pay a law firm $300,000.00, or more in order to apply for DOE funds because the DOE process is entirely based on legal trickery and tactical legal language. Scientists and engineers don’t speak that kind of legal language. DOE took our money and cost us even more in damages, so how are we to get the applicant law firm when as Tesla’s own Daryl Siry says in his public articles that: “you are the gatekeepers”. Your office is running tiered black-lists to prevent our products from getting to market. Well they blew it. The Honda Clarity and the Toyota Mirai are here and the Pentagon can’t wait to get their hands on our superior power storage technology!

Here is the sad part for Mr. Cestari and the corrupt Obama hold-overs: History has now shown their scheme to be what it is – A Crime! President Trump is now finding that the same intelligence community tool abuses, “infinity tunnels” and character assassination tricks are being used against him and his crew and they ARE disclosing the who, what and where all the way back to Obama himself.

We sued the DOE for corruption two Energy Secretaries ago and have continued to create legal precedents and end corruption in Washington. This matter is about the new applications we filed and the actions of Mr. Cestari prove that the SWAMP STILL NEEDS DRAINING and that DOE Obama hold-overs are up to their same old tricks that screw over our Team’s and all of the American taxpayers.

Mr. Perry, please tell the old DOE staff to “cut the shit” (Pardon some plain Texas speakin’) or face investigations, re-applications and public denouncements for the rest of their lives. The boat rows in both directions and we now have federal law enforcement, Congressional, physics and over 200 million voters on our side. We report regularly to James Comey’s and David Johnson offices at the FBI and every ethics committee in DC. The infinity tunnel is not a forgiving resource.

We build all of the products that DoD, DOE, DOT and the rest need and like. We are energy source agnostic. We have beat the competition in side-by-side equal-resourced shoot-outs. We are damn clever and very determined. We will NEVER give up. We get more done, for less money than anybody that has gotten DOE funds in the last decade!

Thank you for taking a look into this. Best in the new job.




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